Unergi Body Mind Therapy

unergi_logo“My personal experience with Unergi has been an amazing journey facilitating others to open within a comfortable, supportive environment.  I graduated in 1997 from the Unergi Certification Program.  I share the gift of Unergi with you as you unfold in your own unique way.”

‘Unergi’ – integrates touch with the Alexander Technique, talk in the form of Gestalt Therapy and Unergi Core-Support Movement based on the Feldenkrais Method. ™
‘Alexander Technique’ – is a way of moving mindfully through life from habit to choice, creating freedom of movement, balance and coordination.
‘Gestalt Therapy’ – is the verbal dialogue that supports awareness of ourselves and our feelings, in a supportive manner that allows changes to occur from within.
‘Feldenkrais’ – emphasizes awareness of mobility patterns to assist in re-education of movement.

Beth is delightful, engaging, warm, focused and attentive. A skilled, gentle soul. It was not difficult for me to follow her lead and take a wonderful (and needed) journey to myself.   -Steve O, IT Infrastructure Lead

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